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Talk to the EXPERTS

John Rose 07854 701807 John started his welding career in 1961 and joined SWP in 2010 as a consultant for the Super 6 welding consumables product range.
Darren Clews 07793 267584 See The Company for profile
Craig Ford 07823 447917 Following a four-year welding apprenticeship and various roles within the industry, Craig moved into sales and demonstrations of high-end equipment throughout the UK for some 12 years and joined SWP in April 2017 to develop the CEA range.
Paul Rudd 07825 142803 See The Company for profile
Paul Rudd 07825 142803 See The Company for profile
Hazel Hardie 01420 588909 Hazel has been involved in the Mig, Tig and Plasma torches industry for some 20 years. She joined SWP in 2008 where she brings a wealth of experience to external sales.
Mark Taylor 07824 844054 Mark has been working in the welding Industry for over 35 years. He joined SWP in 2013 and is the Area Sales Manager for the Yorkshire and North East region.
Jeremy Packer 01420 588180 See The Company for profile
Kevin Holton 01420 588180 After many years of both training and working in engineering and welding, Kevin joined SWP in 2000 where he expanded his knowledge of welding and Sumner fit-up tools.
Matthew Blackman 07709 483435 Matthew has been with SWP for over ten years gaining extensive knowledge of our welding and air and battery products. He is now the account manager for the Air and Battery Division.