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In current times protection is an essential part of daily life, whether you are a key worker or just need to go food shopping it is required by law.

Whilst homemade PPE is better than nothing, CE approved and rated PPE brings you confidence in knowing that you are being protected and as such employers are responsible for providing PPE that meets health and safety standards.

Protect your workforce with masks, medical grade washable aprons, single use and reusable face shields, as well as sneeze guards, perfect for between desks or on counter tops.

In Europe, EN149 is a standard for testing and marking filtering half masks. Filtering Face Piece or FFP for short defines three classes of such. FFP2 rated masks are the absolute minimum requirement for NHS workers and FFP3 is most desired and recommended by the World Health Organisation offering at least 94 and 99% filtration respectively, SWP has you covered.

We offer an extensive range of gloves, gowns, surgical face masks, respirator masks and eye protection to suit many different environments from great brands including 3M, Honeywell, Jackson, Universal and Cleanspace.

Our newest addition is from 3M, the Versaflo™ air respiratory protection system as used by the NHS in the fight against SARS-CoV-2.

Providing full face and head coverage, the Versaflo™ S-series is lightweight hood suitable for general purpose protection from liquid splash, low energy flying particles and dust (grade F).

The Versaflo™ TR-302E Powered Air Turbo is a battery powered, waist mounted unit that pumps clean, filtered air pumped straight into the hood of the wearer. This intelligent positive pressure design ensures air borne particulates are not drawn in through any sealing surfaces when the wearer inhales with the added benefit of preventing the clear lense from fogging impeding visibility.

Choose the Versaflo™ TR-315UK starter kit, pick your headcover (size/colour) and you have everything you need.

Approved to EN12941 class TH3, get in touch with our Sales team for a competitive price on both small and large quantities.