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Super 6 offers an extensive range of welding and brazing consumables for large fabrications through to DIY use. Tested and validated to be of high quality, Super 6 is quickly becoming the welders choice for the cleanest results.


Available for MIG and TIG welding in all grades, our most popular being 4043 and 5356.

4043 is great for welding duralumin, cast and wrought alloys. Used in general fabrication, construction, shipbuilding, automotive industry, repair and maintenance. 5356 offers excellent corrosion resistance and high joint strength.


For use in marine, architecture, ornamental sectors. Our copper products are even used to build boilers for breweries.

Stainless Steel

Suitable for off shore, medical and pharmaceutical. Our stainless steel wire contains a minimum of 12% chromium, nickel and molybdenum are added to further improve corrosion resistance.


A large range of solid and flux core offerings for high deposition welding, automotive, yellow goods, ship building and the DIY market.


Pipe welding, structural steel, site work, repair and maintenance.

Super Optimal, for the professional welder. We work closely with our trading partner Superon to offer this premium product for procedure work.

Gas Welding & Brazing

Our CCMS rods are perfect for mild steel sheet welding, Silicon Bronze C2 suitable for automotive, tubular fabrications like bicycle/motorcycle frame building.

Available in small or large quantities, please contact our Sales team to discuss options.