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Reliability, usability, safety. Engineered in the UK, manufactured by Wescol.

Our wide range covers all industrial requirements and are manufactured to ISO 2503 standard, instilling confidence in their reliability. Each regulator is tested during manufacture to 300 bar inlet pressure where applicable.

We're so confident in the quality we offer a 3 year warranty on ALL Superflow regulators. Fully colour coded and sleek design allows users from beginner to expert to easily identify and use Superflow regulators.

It is a requirement of the Pressure Systems and Transportable Gas Containers Regulations 1989 that equipment is maintained in a safe condition.

Pressure regulators should be visually examined daily for service suitability. Checking gas service, pressure rating and physical damage.

All regulators should be tested annually by a competent person to ensure correct and safe function of the internal mechanism.

It is strongly recommended that pressure regulators should be replaced by new or service exchanged units 6 years from the date of manufacture. All regulators are individually stamped with the recommended inspection/replacement date.

Single Stage

Inlet at the back, at 9 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock, short stem, long stem, British fittings, one gauge, two gauges, no gauges, suitable for industrial, scientific, medical use and more; offering flexibility to suit the space and application. Easily adjust gas flow to suit the application.

Two Stage

Just as reliable as the Single Stage regulator, the Two Stage regulator is designed to be used where constant pressure and flows are critical. Once the pressure is set, the outlet pressure and flow will remain constant until your gas source is interrupted, typically where your cylinder become empty. Saving you time, gas and ultimately money.