M-Sport's dedication to motorsport and its success in rally
racing have made it a well-respected and competitive force 
in the industry, earning them recognition as one of the leading rally preparation and engineering teams in the world.

The collaboration between Specialised Welding Products and M-Sport is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. Partnering with a successful and renowned entity like M-Sport elevates our capabilities, fostering a dynamic exchange of expertise and ideas. Working hand-in-hand with M-Sport not only enhances our product offerings but also reinforces our dedication to delivering top-tier welding solutions. This partnership underscores our aspiration to continually improve and provide unparalleled value to our customers in the welding industry. You can see more of M-Sport by visiting m-sport.co.uk and you can see the live WRC standings by visiting the WRC website.

"Rallying is all about timing, often results come down to very small margins and those gains you get from having the best products allow you to build the best cars. It's exactly what our partnership with SWP provides."

Richard Millener, M-Sport Team Principal

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