Specialised Welding Products is deeply committed to delivering first-class service, with a dedicated team of experts specialising in the repair and maintenance of their machines and generators, which led to the opening of a brand new service centre.

Specialised Welding Products has partnered with a local machine engineer specialist to ensure the highest standards of service and support for our customers. This collaboration has led to the establishment of a new dedicated Service Centre, which offers expert repairs, maintenance, and technical assistance for all our welding machines and generators. The Service Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and staffed by highly skilled engineers, guaranteeing prompt and efficient service. This initiative not only enhances the reliability and longevity of our products but also ensures that our customers receive the best possible support. For any technical issues, please fill out our technical claims form to receive immediate assistance.

"We are excited by this new collaboration that will allow us to support our customers with the highest level of service from our upgraded facility."

Jeremy Packer, Managing Director, SWP

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