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The Stealth family offers a premium range of MIG, TIG, ARC, plasma, PPE and fume extraction solutions.

Heavy duty, built for industry experts down to the keen DIY enthusiast. Utilising state of the art manufacturing processes you can buy with confidence and work with precision.



From 200 to 400 amp the DIGI-MIG range offers high duty cycle and impressive stability with IP23 rating. High tech temperature, voltage and current sensors protect the user and machine.

200LCD features a bright, intuitive LCD screen to fine tune your welding parameters, active power factor correction and includes our 'ready to weld' MIG package.

250-1 offers 15kg spool capacity and a 60% duty cycle at 250 amp over a single phase supply.

250-3 offers all the great features of the 250-1. In addition, pulse and synergic programs ensuring consistent penetration and beading. Enter and save your most used parameters.

400F air cooled suits a 3 phase feed, offering 400 amps at 60% duty cycle or 310 amps at 100% making this a perfect choice for high amperage, consistent welding.

400BF incorporates all these features plus optional water cooling, dual pulse and synergic programs.


Our TIG machines come in three different flavours, 180 DC Pulse, 200 AC/DC Pulse and 320 AC/DC Pulse.

The 180 DC Pulse offers PFC, multi voltage 110/230v compatibility, 100% duty cycle at 110 amps and is fully adjustable from as little as 5 up to 180 amps. Pulse frequency ranges from 0.5 to 200 Hz.

The 200 AC/DC Pulse includes all the features above as well as a 60% duty cycle at 200 amps using AC.

The 320 AC/DC Pulse is a three phase machine offering up to 320 amps at 60% duty cycle, a true high performance machine for the professional.


From 140 to 200 amps, the DIGI-ARC range bring portable lightweight ARC MMA high power welding.

The 140LT DV supports 110/230v supplies and is compatible with 1.6 - 3.2mm electrodes, featuring hot start and lift TIG facility.

The 160LT is a single voltage 240v machine capable of taking 1.6 - 4.0mm electrodes, featuring anti-sticking and arc force. 160 amps at 60% duty cycle.

The 160PFC offers power factor correction, lift TIG and a carry case as standard. Impressive duty cycles at both 110 and 230v.

Our 200LT is a single voltage 230v machine capable of taking 1.6 - 5.0mm electrodes with am excellent duty cycle of 60% at 200 amps.


The DIGI-CUT range of plasma cutters offer exceptional cutting power in a small affordable package, all provided with our plasma torch pack.

The 40PFC MV offers 110/230v compatibility and power factor correction, capable of clean cutting 15mm carbon and stainless steel.

The DIGI-CUT 60 bumps this up to 25mm clean cuts.

Top of range, the DIGI-CUT 100CNC offers three phase, MCU driven, 45mm clean cuts and can even be connected to a CNC machine to be controlled.


STEALTH X-PLUS, G and XG full face helmets are fitted with our advanced 5 point headgear. Ultimate adjustment, providing true comfort. Using soft touch materials it has been developed to distribute weight evenly across the head, reducing fatigue over long periods. Great for people who need to wear glasses behind the helmet.


Setting the standard for a welding helmet, a must for any professional. Full face high impact resistant variable shade welding helmet with a large TRUECOLOUR lens providing a great viewing area and 3 memory functions for MIG, TIG and MMA shade settings.


Lightweight, stylish and ergonomic grinding helmet provides excellent front and peripheral vision, optional shade 3 lens are available.


The ultimate fabricators helmet, auto dimming welding and grinding in one. Flip up or flip down in seconds. Lightweight, ergonomic design using high impact resistant materials the STEALTH-XG offers all round head protection and true colour lenses so you can see exactly what you're working with. Remote control operation to set dimming parameters. Available as a standalone helmet or with PAPR system.


Fully modular, lightweight, low profile welding and grinding visor. Providing unprecedented mobility, the VADER visor is perfect for use in tight spaces. Use with or without the masks, goggles can be used on their own. Battery operated with easy to use shade settings places on the side.


DIGI-AIR is our battery powered waist mounted PAPR air unit which feeds the wearer filtered air ensuring cleaner respiration. Sold as a kit in a carry bag, this include the helmet, air feeding unit, hose, battery, charger and spare inner/outer lenses. Available to purchase with a helmet or as a retrofit kit.



DIGI-FUME is a free standing mobile fume extraction unit offering up to 1,300 M3 per hour with 95% efficiency utilising 4 stage filtration technology. DIGI-FUME has a 3 meter articulating arm, with its solid steel construction and powerful 1.5HP fan you can be sure it's built to last! Available in 110 or 240v.